Your Vagina’s Trip To Pleasure Land Through Kegel Exercise


Kegel exercises are very simple to perform daily to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. Recommended for women after child birth or for perinea laxity problems in people with incontinence, they are often very effective if performed correctly. Here are 7 tips to achieve them and prevent the risk of urinary leakage and also guide you on how to make vagina tighter.

How to fight against urinary leakage with Kegel exercises?

The crucial role of pelvic floor muscles in preventing urinary leakage was highlighted by an American gynecologist Arnold Kegel, in the 1940s. True support for the uterus, bladder, rectum and small intestine, the perineum does not grow spontaneously, but must be strengthened through specific rehabilitation called Kegel exercises. Very effective, these exercises nevertheless deserve that we follow some tips to be executed correctly.

The first advice: Locate the perinea muscles to strengthen

Many women think they contract their perinea musculature, whereas they exert on the contrary a counterproductive abdominal thrust. To clearly identify the muscles to be toned, the help of a professional, physiotherapist or midwife, may be essential to begin. You can also feel them during urination, since they are the ones that allow you to stop the flow of urine.

Here are the precautions to take before starting your Kegel exercises

If the “stop-pee” trick allows you to locate your perinea muscles, you should not train when you urinate, as they may weaken you or make you more susceptible to urinary tract infections. Remember to empty your bladder before starting your “gymnastics” session.

Gather the right conditions to practice Kegel exercises

Before you start exercising, relax, preferably on your back, with your arms around your body and your knees bent. When you have gained experience, you will be able to perform sitting or even standing while going about other occupations.  Concentrate on your perineum, and make sure all your muscles are relaxed.

Tonify yourself with effective tips and progressive training

Tighten the pelvic floor muscles for 5 seconds, then release for 10 seconds. Perform series of 10 contractions, up to 4 times a day. You will progress as you practice to combine contractions and relaxation of 10 seconds. Attention, it is essential to respect phases of rest sufficiently long.

What you should not feel during your Kegel exercises

You should not experience any abdominal or dorsal pain. Make sure that you only contract the pelvic muscles: you do not need to use the abdominals or the gluts. Also remember to inspire during relaxation and to exhale during the contraction of the pelvic floor.

Patience and perseverance will be effective

The practice of these exercises should be daily, throughout your life, to prevent or effectively fight against incontinence problems. If you persevere enough, you will see the beneficial effects of this training after about 2 to 3 months. But do not over-train your perinea musculature! You could get the opposite effect and cause urinary leakage.

Mixed councils: gentlemen, to your Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are not just for women. After removal of the prostate in particular, this male perineum training is widely recommended to prevent problems of urinary and fecal incontinence. Note that these exercises also benefit men and women looking for more intense sexual pleasure.

The ultimate remedy for strengthening the perinea muscles

If you have trouble identifying the pelvic muscles, ask your doctor for help. Thanks to a small electronic device placed in the vagina, it will send a weak electric current that will automatically contract the perinea muscles an ideal solution to train then alone, without being wrong.

With these exercises you can make a significant improvement to your sex life and stress incontinence. They also help prevent hemorrhoids and facilitate blood circulation. In men, a condition of perinea muscular hypotonic may contribute to a reduction in erection or insufficient control of ejaculation which causes premature ejaculation. The Kegel exercises help men regain control in a month at two of their bladder after a prostate operation compared to three or four months without exercise. Most urologists, by the way, recommend these exercises before and after the prostate surgery, because they allow to rehabilitate and recover the muscle strength of the perineum, as well as to increase the vascularization.

Accessories for greater efficiency

In order to accentuate the effectiveness of the exercises props are available. The Geisha balls offer a very good result. The kegel exercise beads are also essential to strengthen your perineum, gradually. You can fin interesting products available at to further help you in your Kegel exercises.

It is therefore not enough to make repeated rapid contractions of the pelvic floor to regain strength and tone before delivery. Specific parameters must be prescribed by a physiotherapist in perinea rehabilitation and must be advanced to allow the patient to resume her functional and sports activities. In general, if the contraction is done properly, that is to say if one contracts by going up the perineum and that one does not push, the progression is rather fast following the treatments and advice given in physiotherapy. Do not hesitate to consult a physiotherapist in perinea reeducation during your pregnancy in order to master the pelvic floor strengthening exercises and to be able to start them the day after delivery for optimal rehabilitation!

Age and weakening of the LC muscles

With age, the pelvic muscles weaken and stretch. As a result, including the former youthful agility in bed is lost. Also, as you can strengthen the muscles of the arms or legs by performing special exercises, so you can strengthen the muscles of love. During everyday life, they are little used, so it is necessary to make a focused effort to strengthen them.

How to find the muscles of love?

To know what to train, you must first determine the target muscle. In order to find the PC muscle, it is necessary in the toilet, while urinating, to try to hold the stream. The muscle that allows it to perform and will be necessary. The ease and speed with which you can complete your plans will be the current indicator of the strength of the LC muscles. A sure sign of finding the PC muscle in men is an elevation of the testicles during urination. This muscle also restrains a person from gas formation, which can suddenly descend in a noisy company. A woman can also find her muscles of love if she places a clean finger inside her vagina and tries to tighten the muscles around her finger.

What are the benefits of performing kegel exercises?

This exercise is from the category “small spool, yes roads”. Despite all his simplicity, he carries a bunch of usefulness to improve the quality of intimate and not only human life. Performing it on an ongoing basis, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Recovery of urinary control;
  • Avoid uterine prolapsed and bladder dislocation;
  • Incontinence care;
  • Improving erection;

Performing the Kegel exercises on an ongoing basis helps to achieve the pumping effect, i.e. greater blood flow to the sexual organ. This has a positive effect on improving the quality (strength, degree, angle) of erection.

Kegel exercise and physiology of male erection

These chapters will be extremely useful for the male audience of the project ABC Bodybuilding. Any man should be able to competently use the instrument entrusted to him. After all, this directly affects the degree of satisfaction of his partner. In addition, he must be enlightened in various intimate matters in order for his missus to receive the maximum of possible pleasure. Therefore, it is extremely important, at least in general terms, to have an idea about the principles of the work of your wand of love, in particular, about the mechanism of erection.