Wear Your Ben Wa Ball Like a Pro


Since the release of the book and the movie ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’, Ben Wa balls have become very popular. They are also found under other names: vaginal balls, Kegel balls or Ben Wa balls. Want to know what are Ben Wa balls? HowBen Wa balls work, and how to use them? Wondering what different models exist and what materials they are made of? And which ones are right for you? Here are all the information, tips and tricks!

What isBen Wa or vaginal balls?

Ben Wa balls are pairs of large balls to insert into the vagina. They are made of different materials (glass, silicone, metal) and are available in various models. Some are separate; others are connected and have a drawstring. The best place for Ben Wa Balls online, is over at loveballs.

How doesBen Wa balls work?

The Ben Wa balls are first and foremost a very good way to work your perineum and re-muscle your pelvic floor. They have originally a purpose other than mere pleasure. But they also intensify sexual satisfaction.In most vaginal balls is a weight that moves constantly with each movement. If you run, bike or sit, the balls move gently by pressing the vaginal wall (and your G spot) and make you feel a slight internal shiver. You do not reach orgasm directly but G-spot stimulation gives you an erotic and exciting sensation.You can wear them all day, whether at home, outdoors or at work. You can also very well use them only during sex.


The sensitivity of the vaginal wall and the G-spot is different in each woman. Some feel absolutely nothing when they wear Ben Wa balls. But even if they do not give you any sensation, they are perfect for working the perineum and the pelvic floor. Having good muscles in this intimate area prevents possible problems such as incontinence or other concerns.

Advice: Did you know?

If you are a novice user, start with light Ben Wa balls. If after several exercises you are able to hold them well in you, then you can choose a heavier model. Heavy Ben Wa balls are particularly suitable for experienced users. Many women wear vaginal balls throughout the day. Why? Just thinking that they have Ben Wa balls in them excites them more.

Perinea well muscled

As we have already said, the balls of Ben Wa or vaginal balls are particularly intended to strengthen the perineum and the pelvic floor. During use, you must contract the intimate muscles to hold the balls. A strong and well muscled perineum has a positive effect on your sex life: the sensations during the report are more intense, your vaginal secretions are naturally more abundant and your orgasms are in addition much more intense. In short, that benefits!

How to put the Ben Wa balls?

The answer to this question is not surprising in itself. Push the balls inside the vagina (as for a sanitary tampon), and you are ready. Use a little lubricant if it is a little resistant or painful. Make sure they are well placed over the pelvic floor muscles (roughly in the same place as a sanitary pad). But you can also try to position them in other places. It’s up to you to test what you love most.

What Ben Wa balls suit me?

Do you want to buy Ben Wa balls? Determine first for what purpose you want to use them. Is it only for pure pleasure, or to effectively strengthen your perineum? Are you a novice? Instead, choose light vaginal balls. If you already have experience, you can use heavier models. For beginners, it is also preferable to opt for balls connected together and with withdrawal cord, rather than choosing separate vaginal balls. The material and the size are also to be taken into account. Obviously, the smaller models of Ben Wa balls are more suited to novices. Larger Kegel balls are made for experienced users.

Silicone Ben Wa balls

The siliconesBen Wa balls have a soft touch. This material cleans easily and quickly, and is safe to use. Silicone models are suitable for both novice and experienced users.Choose the silicone Ben Wa balls if you are looking for:

  • Vaginal stimulation.\
  • stimulation of the G-spot
  • An exercise to strengthen the perineum.
  • A hygienic toy.

Metal Ben Wa balls

The metal Ben Wa balls have a well proportioned size and weight, making the effect particularly intense for even the smallest models. It is Ideal for strengthening the perineum and of course offering a delicious massage of the intimate inner area.

Choose metal Ben Wa balls if you are looking for:

  • An intense internal massage.
  • Vaginal stimulation.
  • Stimulation of the G-spot
  • An exercise to strengthen the perineum.
  • A hygienic toy.

What are the best Ben Wa balls for me?

Wondering what are the best Ben Wa balls for you? Again calmly walk through all of the information listed above and determine which material, model and vaginal size you prefer. If you’re just starting out, choose a light, small model. Do you already have experience? You can then buy any Ben Wa balls to your liking.The Ben Wa balls are the only sextoy that succeeds two very different missions: to be a great sex toy and a perineum bodybuilding accessory. Sometimes called “balls of Ben Wa”, they offer an easy and exquisite masturbation. No extreme efforts, just fun.

Goliath Electric Ben Wa Ball

The best current Ben Wa balls are far from the classic balls used to strengthen the perineum. Sex toy manufacturers are constantly improving them so that they can be used for masturbation and greatly increase pleasure. This model is the perfect example.

Based on a perfect control of vibrations, as we have seen with vibrating eggs, the brand has designed this remarkable model. It has seven modes of vibration. I do not advise you to begin with the highest, but to increase the intensity as the enjoyment rises in you. These vibrations are easily adjusted via a remote control. In addition to penetration, these vibrations resonate throughout your sex. It’s very special and nice.

Thus, you have complete control of your pleasure. The balls in place, with one hand gently pulling on the thread present at the end, you do well with the penetration, while the second hand decides the vibrations. It’s very ergonomic.

The balls weigh about forty grams. It is quite light, but still gives an impression of heaviness enough to get out the balls. It’s better than fingering! The balls measure 8.5 cm x 3.5 cm x 3.5 cm. It is a standard size for this type of sextoys, which often turn the Ben Wa balls into excellent intimate toys for women who sometimes have pain during penetration.