Urethral Sound: A New Art Of Masturbation


Our dilators and penis plugs are the intimate sex toy. With a dilator or penis plug you can stimulate the urethra for intense stimulation. In our assortment you will find penis plugs with ring which can be worn for a long time and flared penis plugs for stretching the urethra. There are also hollow penis plugs which can also be worn during sex. Once you go through this article, the benefits of urethral sounding will be clear to you.

Wide choice of dilators

On the BDSM Store you can find dilators of different sizes. Also special are our dilator sets with dilators of different sizes to stimulate the urethra. Do you want a dilator that stimulates intensely? Then go for our vibrating dilators or dilators with electric shock. Our dilators are of high quality and easy to clean with toy cleaner after use. View all SM toys and find your new toy for the best fetish experience.

For women, masturbators have long been a normal and beloved-lived habit and an integral part of everyday life. But the men catch up. Vibrator, Stimulator, Masturbator, Massager, Art pussy, Dildo, Plug: dear child has many names and now also allows the male world the “artificial” fun in between.

The modern products of the manufacturers and the enormous variety of the range do not only make curious, they also arouse the desire and enjoyment of an activity that until recently was carried out exclusively by hand, because urethral aid still seemed awkward and unusual. But today man vibrators give tantalizing promises, such as natural feeling, wet pleasure, feeling of a real mouth around the penis, etc. At any time to be able to grab the pussy or anal pussy, to have a blowjob at any time – without asking, self-centered and just as you want it irresistible. If that are no arguments for the commercial pleasure gain!

In Asian countries with male surplus, male vibrators and sex dolls are a real alternative to having sex with women. With us, however, they are not exclusive toys for singles. They can be a relief for the partner, they are always for a quickie to have, whether at home, in the office toilet or in the hotel and thus provide a “burst of energy”, which makes tired men cheerful. And of course, couples and partners will also enjoy the game “Man versus Pussy”. Would your partner perhaps like to watch you mercilessly milking the juice dispenser or, alternately, edit your best piece with the “artist”?

The high art of masturbation

Male vibrators are available in many designs. All of them have in common the lack of women’s bodies, because men’s vibrators are reduced to the bare essentials. But beyond that, there are all sorts of differences in form and function. This, in turn, contributes to the Christmas anticipation of the purchase throughout the year. Realistic masturbators, for example, replace the female genital with as near-natural a device as possible to replicate both the appearance and function of a female vagina. But masturbators can also be fashion or style statements.

Pocket pussies, acorn rotators, deep-throats, pumps, simulators or suction tubes in designs from simple to high-tech to noble and high-quality do more than just do manual labor. They work and work in all colors and sizes and in all imaginable ways. Poking, kneading, sucking, pumping, vibrating, shaking and massaging even deflowering: all this is on the program.

And since the male penis is a device of rather heartier beat than the female clitoris and usually requires a little more physical stimulation, male vibrators are often not exclusively powered by batteries, but (also) connected to the mains. Let it be said that the power consumption is of course low compared to other everyday devices, so your electricity bill will not change.

Support and quality

One thing is certain. Women are great. And what women wear between their legs is a work of art of nature. And yet – the natural femininity in all honors – modern technology makes quite a lot possible, which may be a Pièce de résistance for the fair sex. And between us said: sometimes it may be more than just a vagina – and then the handle to an artificial friend of palora.de is the right choice.

You are spoiled for choice because it can be difficult to choose among the many variants and looks “the right one” so many forms and possibilities.

What is important to you?

Should the little beast be realistic, modern, stylish or colorful?

Should she suck, push, pump or shake?

Resilient or something filigree?

Moist or soft, deep or ring shaped?

We are happy to help with information so that you get exactly what you want and what you need. At palora.de, we value quality. Contact us – our friendly and discreet support team is at your disposal. Because we know exactly how you: better quality means not only more for the money, but also better sex.

No matter how busy your sex life may be, a change of scenery can never hurt you. Are you looking for new techniques to pamper your husband or boyfriend in a very special way? Here are some ideas for you that will surely kill your mind!

Back to manual operation: It must be extraordinary good

It does not always have to be sex – sometimes classic manual stimulation may be the best option. To ensure that the special treatment for your partner is not painful, always use sufficient lubricant. Here are some ideas on how to pamper him:

The Hot Turn: Make an O from the thumb and forefinger and put it like a ring around the shaft of the penis. To do this, you have to twist the wrist so that the rest of your fingers are over it. Now move your entire hand along the shaft. When you get to the top, you surround the glands and turn your hand so that you now see your thumb instead of the other four fingers. The palm rubs lightly over the glands tip. Now you slide down with your hand in the rotated position again. Meanwhile, position the second hand and continue seamlessly.

The solid ring: interlock the fingers of both hands and form an O with your thumbs. Through this opening you now guide the penis and then move your hands slowly and with gentle pressure up and down. As you do so, you twiddle your folded hands a little at each up and down to increase the stimulation. As an alternative to turning, you may also periodically press your hands together a little to achieve a pulsating motion.

Tip: Try out the manual mode in particularly tingling situations, such as a walk in the woods, in the elevator or in a locker room in the department store.