How to choose your sex toy according to your personal preferences


You made up your mind. But which sex device to choose? Images on Web sites resemble the remote control a spaceship, and you have no idea, what characteristics to look for. To simplify your life, we have made a selection of sex toys, which can become your very first “toy” companions.

So, first you need to decide, how you will use the toy: alone or in a pair, only for their own pleasure or to train the vaginal muscles. There are different types of sex toys available in the market for different purposes, so first you need to understand your physical needs.

Toys just for your pleasure

Vibrator with two motors to stimulate the clitoris and the point G: The first gadget should be multifunctional that is, not only for vaginal stimulation, but also for clitoral, as easy to use as possible and practically silent. Bi from the Fun Factory brand has all of these qualities. This gadget anatomically accurately repeats the outlines of the female genital organs, and the vaginal process is directed to point G.

For training: Vaginal balls with stimulating ears Lola Toys Emotions Foxy

Much has already been said about the benefits of intimate muscle training, but it is difficult and practically meaningless to do it without special adaptations.

Vaginal balls with a displaced center of gravity in a soft silicone shell combine advantage and endless grace. Possess an absolutely smooth seamless surface and rounded tubercles that mimic the ears. They provide additional stimulation. Thanks to these “ears” you can awaken the sensitivity of the vaginal walls and have fun in the process of training.The displaced center of gravity will provide easy vibration during each of your movement, and durable cord will ensure easy removal of the massager.

Toys for couples: Ergonomic vibrator for couples Satisfier Partner Toy

The first sex toy for paired use should be as simple as possible. The difficulty is , that now many such gadgets are equipped with remote control or control from your smartphone. This will complicate the process and will not bring pleasure: you will “play around”, but you will not receive sexual discharge.

High-tech Soup is good for advanced – those, for whom these toys – no longer a novelty.This vibrator can be used as a solo, as well as during normal sex. Please note, that the ergonomic vibrator is controlled by a button on the “clitoral part”, which is specifically “drowned” in the body – so you cannot accidentally turn off the device, in a fit of passion.

Double-sided masturbator Doc Johnson Optimale Reversible UR3 Stroker Rollerball

There is a bias, that masturbators only want single men. In fact, the right masturbator will help the “shy” male to overcome the fear of sex toys in an intimate life. True, there will have to take the initiative. Tie up the man’s eyes, do not let him touch his hands, pour lubricant into the masturbator and put it on his penis, and then just squeeze and unclench the fingers on the penis. Awesome feeling guaranteed! When he takes off the mask, he will be very surprised.

Johnson as the first masturbator offers a soft, pleasant to the touch device, made of super-realistic to the touch material. On the one hand, it has a smooth silky surface, and on the other – covered with massage balls for bright stimulation.

Sex toys for two: guide

We turn to the most important thing. We have compiled a list of the best sex toys that will help you experience new sensations with your soulmate.

Erection ring

This device is worn on the base of the penis and helps not only the man to restrain his ardor, but also gives pleasure to the woman. The thing is that often erection rings contain a built-in vibrating massager. This allows the stimulation of the most sensitive female point.

Finger tips

Foreplay is very important in a relationship; therefore, to enhance the effect, special nozzles for fingers were created. There are static with different relief, and there are vibrating nozzles. Such sex toys for two will achieve the most sensual petting.


It differs from the familiar vibrator. This device allows you to play with the whole body of your partner or partner. No need to hurry! First, let the flexible, vibrating head pass through all the most erogenous zones, and only then be used in more intimate proximity.

Anal stimulator

This is a kind of vibrator that has an anatomical shape. It is this very form that allows painlessly to bring pleasure to both women and men. Remember that not only the fair sex can use such a device. No wonder the anal stimulator belongs to the category of sex toys for two. In men, there is a prostate gland, a massage which can lead not only to excitement, but also help get rid of stagnation. However, this must be approached very tactfully and most importantly with knowledge of the matter!

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