[Hiring] (Online) Front and Backend Developers for Next-Gen Porn Site

I’m looking to hire some developers for The Father Broadway 

I have already designed the web pages on photoshop and now I need someone to write the code.


A passion for such endeavors.

Minimum 6 years experience.

High level proficiency with the following:

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Building master nodes/ Laravel 5.2 apps
  • Server Administration
  • Handling audio and video streaming (ffmpeg.ic)
  • Experience with sorting algorithims, popularity sorting etc


  • Intrest in P2P tech
  • Knowledge regarding how hosting costs maybe minimized through the use of technology such as (a new tech that allows a torrent like protocol to run in the browser via webrtc)
  • Familiarity with torrents, seed boxes, etc.
  • Experience building crawlers, scrapers, etc.