Love without Faith

  • Genres: Romance, Drama

John and Page where a magnificent couple who would love each other until the end of time… or would they?


  • Genres: Romance, Drama

He was on the taller side, with a mess of light brown hair poking out of the hat atop his head. But his eyes were what truly caught her attention, green with bits of hazel.

His Only Dream And Her’s Only wISH

Genres: Romance, DramaEveryone has such phases in their life which changes them evermore or breaks them forever; it’s we who have to decide whether to live or to die.

A Woman’s Trouble (The Streets Book 1)

  • Genres: Drama, Romance

Keona Clark, in a crew and could easily go to jail for the things she has done. Drug dealing, extortion, illegal weapons, and murder are all on her street resume. She will do what she must to escape.

JUST A GIRL: A coming-of-age novel about innocence, isolation, love, heartbreak, and discernment.

  • Genres: Drama, Romance

This girl-to-woman story is steeped in emotion, secrets, and suspense, and is meant for those who have struggled to overcome challenging childhoods, only to face new adversities by their own doing.