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  • Our site is well-established having been online for over 5 years and has a loyal following.
  • We get 16,835 unique hits a day. That’s over 615,945 Unique Monthly Visitors  & 3,211,560 Page Visitors a year!
  • Feed: 230 subscribers, Twitter: 4244 followers, Facebook: 1103 friends  150 fans
  • We are currently ranked 4th at Blog Rank: Sex with a site score of 91.35%.
  • Our blog has been syndicated on Blog-Her (sex), SexBundle, and Your Tango (sex).
  • We have won several blogger of the year awards including 2015 from
  • We have an excellent Alexa Rating of 910,091, a Bing Site Rank of 5 & a Google Page Rank of 4.
  • The specific focus of The Father Broadway Review is as a sexuality e-zine featuring articles, sex toy reviews, sexuality columns and adult plays in theater
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  • 15.18% – Direct Traffic
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Sex Expert:

I am also a well sought out Certified Loveologist from Loveology University and have been widely published in many online magazines including, Women’s Health, YourTango, AskExperts, Lover Magazine, Whiplash!, SMUT, Good Vibes, Carnal Nation, SexLifeCanada and Blog Her (Sex).  So, in addition to ads, I also offer Advertorials and Guest Posts.

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Advertising space on The Father Broadway is sold in 6 and 12 months installments.  Ads rates are very reasonable and we also have discount packages for 1 year plans that are super cheap.

We offer both Premium Sponsored Ads as well as Standard Ads to suit your budget.

We accept both text ads, ad banners (300×250 or 150×125 pixels).  Flash and animated images are fine as well as widgets.  Sexy imagery is fine as well, although blatant or distasteful pornography ads are not. The Father Broadway Review is a sex-positive review site and we’d like to keep it that way.  If you are in doubt of the kind of ads we like, please view our sidebars, or shoot us an email.

Banner and Logo Design

No banner, no problem. Domina is a graphic and website designer and can create a banner or logo to your specifications, as well as animated gifs. Find out more by contacting us or send an email to!