About Us

We love broadways and theatrical plays! However, we also love sex, porn, and masturbation! Thefatherbroadway.com is your one-stop news source for the latest adult plays in theaters near you!

Who says adult plays do not have a place in theaters? Oh, you are probably not aware because they don’t really appear on social media pages. However, thefatherbroadway.com is going to be your best source of the latest schedules of adult plays. We believe that no one should be deprived of amazing productions, and all stories deserve a spot behind the red curtains. 

This passion allowed us to grow from just a few followers when we started the website 3 years ago. We were just jealous of plays that get showcased on major newspapers and magazines, but our favorite adult plays aren’t. That’s when we started to create a mock website which we did not expect to grow to thousands of readers daily. 

Today, we cater to a lot readers who share the same love for adult plays. We have become their source for titles to watch out for, show dates, and scoop from their favorite adult play artists.Don’t miss out! Enjoy thefatherbroadway.com.